Membership Rules


Persons under 16 years of age are asked to have a parent or guardian contact Wigan Wargames organiser, Craig Grady, via the contacts page before attending Wigan Wargames, we ask this to ensure the parents/guardians of the person's under 16 are aware of their location.

Membership and Fees.

As with everything in life you have to pay, as a group we make a £20 donation to the 27th Scouts every time we use their facilities. To help cover this donation we ask members to pay a fee. Not only does this help us make a donation to the Scouts, but it also goes towards purchasing tea and coffee, and terrain items for the clubs use.


One thing Wigan Wargames has always done is allow people to come along and see if they like the club, so we never ask you to pay anything the first night you come along to the club. Just drop in, have a chat and a brew with like minded people and see if you want to come again and game with us.

There are two groupings of member for the club, adult, and junior.

Adult Members.

Adult members pay £3 per attendance.

Junior Members.

Junior members are those under 18 years of age. Fees for Juniors are half the value of Part time members (£1.50 per attendance).

Club Rules. Last Updated 16/08/09

We currently only have 5 rules for our group, all members are asked to obey them. Failure to comply may result in exclusion from the club.

1. You pay your fees promptly upon arrival at the club whether or not you plan to game (currently to Craig Grady, or another nominated member in Craig's absense). ATTENDANCE REQUIRES PAYMENT, as we still need to pay our donation to the scouts and re-supply the club with equipment as needed, even if members intend to game or not.

2. All members are responsible for placing rubbish in the bin bag provided, ensuring the hall is kept tidy, and the floor is swept at the end of the night.

The hall has no waste disposal facilities and as such waste must be removed from the building at the end of the night by a keyholder, failure to comply with this is unacceptable as it could jeopardise the groups position using the hall. The hall floor must be swept at the end of the gaming night.

3. The Scout hall is a none smoking building, smokers are asked to go outside of the building and dispose of any waste relating to smoking away from the building.

4. Everyone makes a brew. Don't be selfish, but feel free to limit it to the table you are gaming or painting on.

5. Trading in the hall. Paying Members (see rule 1) wishing to trade miniature products may do so freely, else it is asked that business be conducted off and away from the premises, after all we are a club and not a games store.

Any questions please contact Craig Grady