Wigan Wargames

Wigan Wargames is a board game and minature gaming club based in Wigan. The club is open every Friday and Sunday evening from 7pm, till late. Please check the club schedule page for cancellations / special events. I would also advise checking the forum / facebook feed for any last minute changes. The club is held at the St.Aidan’s 27th Scout Building, Highfield Grange, Winstanley, Wigan. Outside of the normal meetings we also have access to the hall upon request (and usually a weeks notice) if available.

Wigan Wargames was established in July 2003 by a small group of friends. We are all keen gamers, but sadly space was lacking, prompting us to find a new venue. The solution (as is usual with these things) turned up under our noses and the St.Aidan's 27th Scout's, (based in Winstanley, Wigan), very kindly offered us the use of their scout hall, and so Wigan Wargames Club was born. The building itself under went renovations in 2007 and now provides ample room for 6 six foot by four foot tables, has its own kitchen and toilets as well as an entertainment system.

The club represents a good mix of people and has over the years expanded its membership base, with a varying age range of 12 -50, and we have put great emphasis on creating a relaxed environment. The club has a mixture of minature gamers and boardgame players. For minature gaming the club has a large selection of terrain stored onsite, so it does not have to be lugged around.

Another aspect open to members is the option not to game on club night as we always have painting and modelling tables set up and on the go, so you can find space and quiet time to get on with those projects that might otherwise have to run the gauntlet of ordinary life.